Introducing the DS2 Platform - Rehabilitation Exercise

Introducing the DS2 Platform.

Welcome to the next generation of stabilization and strengthening exercises!  This wall-mounted low friction platform can be utilized for closed-chain (non-weight bearing) rotator cuff or scapular stretching and strengthening exercises.

Increase workload by adding resistive bands and placing the user in various positions!

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Challenge your body with DS2 Rehabilitation Systems

Challenge Your Body.

With the DS2 PLATFORM on the floor, challenge your upper body with loaded (weight bearing) exercises and perform advanced exercises to enhance core (trunk) strength.

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DS2 Rehabilitation System - Get Creative

Get Creative.

Use the platform for numerous lower extremity exercises, such as single-leg squats, hamstring curls, and lunges in different planes of motion.

Your imagination and creativity will lead the way to endless exercises when using the DS2 PLATFORM!

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(Dynamic Stabilization and Strengthening Platform)

The DS2 PLATFORM is a multiple patented product that takes traditional exercises to another level!!

  • Low friction and versatile!
  • Perform Closed Kinetic Chain (CKC) upper extremity exercises ON THE WALL
  • Allows for limited weight-bearing or load through the shoulder
  • Promotes slight compression in the glenohumeral joint and co-contraction of the shoulder and scapular muscles
  • Decreased shear forces and increased stability of the  shoulder
  • Used for patient-controlled stretching and flexibility
  • Transition from low level exercises on the wall to advanced exercises on the floor for shoulder strengthening and stability
  • Apply resistive bands and place the patients/athletes in various positions to increase the challenge
  • Perform lower extremity exercises and trunk/core exercises with the DS2 Platform on the floor
  • Use the dot configuration to perform various patterns to challenge your patients/athletes at their repsective skill level and stage of rehab
  • Utilized from the initial phase of rehab to the final “end-stage” of rehab and functional training


How the DS2 is Used

  • Used by professional athletes, athletic trainers, and physical therapists
  • Can be used on the wall, table, or floor
  • Used for upper extremity, lower extremity, or core (trunk) exercises
  • Excellent for post-operative rehabilitation
  • Used for range of motion (ROM), rhythmic oscillations, PNF patterns, or end-stage “return-to-play” ballistic movements
  • Closed Kinetic Chain exercises can be performed in unloaded and loaded positions
  • Ideal for training overhead athletes


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View the DS2 Platform in use on the Instructional Videos page or the Video Examples page.