The DS2 Platform

This low-friction platform can be used for closed-chain (non-weight bearing) rotator cuff or scapular stretching and strengthening exercises. Increase workload by adding resistive bands exploring various positions!

DS2 Platform

Next generation stabilization and strengthening

This wall-mounted low friction platform can be utilized for closed-chain, rotator cuff, or scapular stretching and strengthening exercises.

Get Creative

Use the platform for numerous lower extremity exercises, such as single-leg squats, hamstring curls, and lunges in different planes of motion.

Your imagination and creativity will lead the way to endless exercises when using the DS2 Platform!

Closed Kinetic Chain

Closed Kinetic Chain exercises can be performed in unloaded and loaded positions.

Post-Op Rehab

The DS2 is excellent for post-operative rehabilitation

Range of Motion

Used for range of motion (ROM), rhythmic oscillations, PNF patterns, or end-stage “return-to-play” ballistic movements.

Used by Athletes & Rehab Professionals

Used by professional athletes, athletic trainers, and physical/occupational therapists

Use it Anywhere

Can be used on the wall, table, or floor.

Variety of Exercises

Used for upper extremity, lower extremity, or core (trunk) exercises.

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Watch an introduction by Roland Ramirez, Inventor


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Who uses the DS2?

The DS2 is used by many MLB, NBA, NFL, College and High School Teams as well as Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinics.

New York Mets

Houston Texans

Houston Rockets

San Francisco 49ers

Houston Astros

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