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Step 1

Apply the provided four foot long strips of velcro (2) vertically on a wall or firm surface.  The strips should be placed 28 inches apart (Inside to Inside) for the “Standard Size” platform and 38 inches apart (Inside to Inside) for the “Oversized” model.  Also, place the velcro at the preferred height along the wall or firm surface (NOTE:  If you apply velcro strips with bottom ends 36 inches from the floor, this allows for adjustment of the DS2 PLATFORM to be used by individuals with a height ranging from approximately 5’4” to 6’8”).

Step 2

Using the red markers at each corner of the DS2 PLATFORM, which indicate the position of the short velcro strips (2) on the back-side of the platform, align the short velcro strips with the long velcro strips on the wall or firm surface.  Once the desired height is determined, press the DS2 PLATFORM firmly into the wall or firm surface, particularly along the left and right side of the platform to allow for maximum adhesion of the velcro.  Ideally, you want the center target (“cross hairs”) of the DS2 PLATFORM at the user’s shoulder height for optimal use.

Step 3

Have the user apply a nylon glove to their respective hand, or one Nylon glove to each hand, depending on if single-arm or double-arm exercises will be performed on the DS2 PLATFORM.

Step 4

Instruct the user on the desired position and exercise to be performed, while maintaining a safe and appropriate posture.


*Simply detach the DS2 PLATFORM from the wall or firm surface for use on any other inclined firm surface or on the floor.  The non-skid rubber backing should not allow any unnecessary movement of the platform while in use in these alternative positions.

DS2 Rehab Systems, LLC shall not be liable for any injury resulting from one or more of the following: (1) failure to follow these instructions; (2) any inappropriate use of the DS2 PLATFORM; (3) failure to use the DS2 PLATFORM under the supervision of a qualified rehabilitation or exercise professional.

User agrees that the DS2 PLATFORM is a unique product developed and owned by DS2 Rehab Systems, LLC.  User agrees not to copy or reproduce the DS2 PLATFORM in any manner, or to represent to third parties that the user has any rights to the DS2 PLATFORM other than as an ordinary purchaser of the DS2 PLATFORM.