The DS2 is a versatile system that can be utilized for the rehabilitation or maintenance of the shoulder.  This is very important for athletes especially throwers.  I have found it to be highly productive and a huge help to maintaining a strong foundation throughout the course of the football season.  Whether it is on the wall or on the floor, there is a wide variety of exercises that can be done to accommodate the different skill/strength levels.  I highly recommend the DS2 system.

Matt Schaub – NFL Quarterback

“The DS2 Platform is a simple yet versatile tool that can be used for everything from early post-op rehab up to conditioning of the already fit athlete. We use it for range of motion, cuff strengthening, and closed chain / proprioception work. Patients love it because it gives them some control of their exercise and thus minimizes guarding, and gives immediate feedback that they are benefiting from the exercise. They can feel it working!”

Dr. David Lintner
– Team Physician, Houston Texans
– Medical Director, Houston Astros


“Imagine a piece of equipment that allows you to treat so many parts of the body in an extremely dynamic, progressive manner while at the same time challenging the elements of stability. That is what the DS2 Platform can provide. Since incorporating the DS2 Platform into my shoulder, knee, hip, and spine protocols, I have seen tremendous outcomes and quicker return to activity for my patients. You truly have to use it in order to appreciate its versatility.”

Clinical Residency Coordinator at Methodist Orthopedic Specialists of Texas

“In my practice, the DS2 platform has been a very useful tool for organizing closed chain exercises for the upper extremity.  Using the adjustable wall mounted platform, patients are given a specific routine that can address the specific deficits of the shoulder.  Using the dot arrangement, you can ask the patient to move the arm in accordance with the restricted active motion.  I have been a big advocate of using the external compression a wall can provide to help compensate for the lack of compression of a weak/injured rotator cuff.  The DS2 platform aids in the transition to lifting the arm against gravity.  Placing the platform on the floor also allows a more organized workout to mimic a slide board routine.  Often the best rehab tools come from creative therapists/trainers, this device has taken a common routine to another level that will benefit many patients.”

Russ Paine – Physical Therapist
Ironman Sports Medicine Institute at Memorial Hermann

I love the DS2 Platform! This product has assisted me in organizing my RC activation/rhythmic stabilization routines, as well as my open and closed chain exercise prescriptions.  Your clients/patients will understand and be able to target directional patterns with greater ease while using the dot arrangements.  I no longer have to say, “imagine a clock here on the floor or wall and I would like you to work five reps out to 11 o’clock and back to the center”.  Prescription of exercise is simplified with these targets. In the short time that I have instituted the use of the DS2 Platform in my practice, patient’s responses, as well as recovery time frames, have been impressive and recovery time shortened.  A common response of my patients has been, “wow, I can really feel that in a different way in my shoulder.”  I enjoy the variety of exercise intensities and creativity that the DS2 Platform allows and provides during the rehabilitation process. You will be able progress your spine, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle patients all with one simple device. The exercises are endless and you will only be limited by your imagination! The DS2 Platform’s versatility is impressive and it is a “must have” for state-of-the-art sports medicine clinics.

Kim Broderick, PT, SCS, OCS, ATC, CFMT, MS
Senior Physical Therapist
Methodist Center for Sports Medicine

The DS2 Platform has been a great addition to our exercise programs in the clinic. Treating high level athletes requires that the therapist have the ability to challenge them throughout the spectrum of their injury recovery. The DS2’s versatility allows you to move from active assisted to aggressive high level strengthening and endurance exercises with one simple and easy to use device. The DS2 also challenges the patient and keeps them motivated and engaged in their rehab process. The DS2 platform would be a great addition to any clinic or training room!

Matt Holland, PT, SCS, CSCS
Methodist Center for Sports Medicine

The DS2 platform has been a great addition to our clinic, not only in shoulder rehab, but also in full body functional performance training.  The platform is versatile enough to be used on post-operative patients to establish ROM all the way to dynamic “return-to-play” exercises.  We have found, and are continuing to find, new and different uses for the system in terms of rotator cuff, scapular stabilization, and even core strengthening exercises.  The fact that this one piece of equipment has so many uses and functions, yet is small enough and easy enough to stow away on a wall, makes this a must-have for any clinic or athletic training room.  The only limitation to the Ds2 Platform is the creativity of your own sports medicine team.

Chris Sanders, DC

Multi Sport Health Center

The DS2 Platform is simple, efficient, and very patient compliant. The system can not only be used for rehab, but can be used for strength training as well. Upper body, lower body, and core, imagination and protocols yield tremendous results. Versatile for large and small, strong and weak, the DS2 is a staple for my athletes and patients. The DS2 Platform is cost effective and should be in every athletic training room, rehab facility, and supervised strength facility.

Michael S. Kleinstub

1998 Winter Olympic Games U.S. Medical Staff

St .Johns’ School, Houston, TX